Your Child’s Online World

Spotlight on Sexting – advice for parents video.

The internet is always changing and being able to keep up to date with the technology your child is using can be quite a challenge.  However, children and young people need still need support and guidance when it comes to managing their online world and using the internet positively and safely.

One of the best ways to keep your child safe is to have regular conversations with them about their online world.  ChildNet provides parents with some tips for having these conversations, including talking about more difficult topics such as online grooming and cyberbullying.

ChildNet International’s “Know IT All for Parents” is an interactive e-safety guide for parents and carers, with a wide range of resources in different languages including BSL.  This video provides an overview of the advice and support that is available.

The NSPCC have teamed up with O2 to provide free advice and information for parents to help keep children safe online.   Online advice is available here or you can call for free to speak to an expert NSPCC or O2 advisor on 0808 800 500.

NSPCC Net Aware is a useful guide to the social networks your kids use.