Campaign Calendar

Aug 1st: Launch: Moving Can…
Aug 2nd: Reduce risk of a stroke
Aug 3rd: Lower blood pressure
Aug 4th: Keep bones healthy
Aug 5th: Prevent diabetes
Aug 6th: Lower cholesterol
Aug 7th: Improve back pain
Aug 8th: Reduce depression
Aug 9th: Lower anxiety
Aug 10th: Manage stress
Aug 11th: Prevent falls
Aug 12th: Manage arthritis
Aug 13th: Improve sleep
Aug 14th: Increase energy
Aug 15th: Make new friends
Aug 16th: Increase life expectancy
Aug 17th: Improve immunity 
Aug 18th: Manage asthma
Aug 19th: Improve pregnancy health
Aug 20th: Slow the ageing process
Aug 21st: Reduce cancer risk
Aug 22nd: Increase flexibility
Aug 23rd: Enhance brain functioning
Aug 24th: Reduce risk of dementia
Aug 25th: Improve sex life
Aug 26th: Maintain independence
Aug 27th: Increase confidence
Aug 28th: Reduce cravings
Aug 29th: Improve exam grades
Aug 30th: Reduce sick days off work
Aug 31st: Put the fun back into life!


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