Active Workplaces

An unhealthy workforce can cost your business money!

Did you know that the combined cost of sickness absence, lost productivity through worklessness and health-related productivity losses are estimated to be over £100 billion annually. This is greater than the current annual budget for the NHS and the equivalent to the entire GDP of Portugal!

Healthy employees…

  • Are less likely to be ill, absent and reduce company productivity (on average 5.7 days lost to sickness)
  • Are less likely to leave and increase recruitment costs (around 20% of the annual salary of the vacant post)
  • Are more productive and achieve more for your business

Sweat your assets

Promoting active workforces and workplaces is a great way to make your business healthier. The free Get Berkshire Active activity tracker offers a fun opportunity to team up with colleagues to improve fitness and achieve personal goals, while engaging in a bit of healthy competition with your colleagues.

Registration is online and FREE: sign up directly at 

Promoted locally by Get Berkshire Active and Bracknell Forest Public Health.