Accessible transport options

We would love to see you at our community event on Saturday, 16 September!

If transport is an issue and you are not able to get to the event on your own or with the help of friends, family or public transport, please reach out to one of the community transport schemes below.

Please note:
The deadline for requesting transport assistance has now passed. At least three days’ notice was needed to ensure a driver is available (last request by Wednesday, 13 September). However, if you would like to attend but do not have an option to travel to the event, please contact Rachel in the social prescribing team to discuss, call: 01344 352083.


Community transport Area covered Cost Contact details
Bracknell Community Transport
(The Ark)
All areas Cost £3 admin charge plus £0.60 per mile Call: 01344 266911
Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
Sandhurst Voluntary Care Sandhurst area only Voluntary contribution Call: 07799 410231
Monday to Friday, 2pm to 5pm
Crowthorne Good Neighbours Crowthorne area only Voluntary contribution 01344 761001
(Bracknell Forest Council transport team)
All areas Only if you are a current R-Bus user 01344 352095 Taxi – 352000

If none of the above are available, please contact Rachel in the social prescribing team, call: 01344 352083.