Diet and arthritis

Along with exercise, eating healthily will help you to maintain a healthy weight. NHS Choices provide more detailed information about a balanced diet for people with arthritis. Our Health Portal may also be helpful.

Alcohol is high in calories and so cutting down on alcohol will help you to maintain a healthy weight. Excessive drinking can also affect balance, increasing the risk of knocks and falls, which can worsen arthritis. See our information on alcohol awareness, including alcohol consumption guidelines, unit and calorie calculators.  For additional support with specific issues or concerns about alcohol, visit our Health Portal.

If you are looking to lose and/or manage your weight Slimming World can help you to maintain a balanced and nutritional diet and reach and stay at a healthy weight by providing weekly local weight loss support groups.

If you meet set criteria then you may be eligible for a free referral to Slimming World. Referrals are made via Bracknell Forest GP practices, stop smoking service and children centres. This will enable you to access a free 12-week course to Slimming World if the programme criteria are met. For further information please email

For more information about how to manage your arthritis or how to support someone with arthritis please visit the Arthritis Care UK website.