Support in our schools

Debbie and Bianca are targeted youth workers. They are trained and experienced professionals who work with children and young people up to 19 years of age.

They run anti-smoking workshops in all of the local secondary schools for pupils aged 11-12 in Year 7.  This is delivered as part of the curriculum.

The workshops cover factual information about smoking and cigarettes:

  • the short and long term effects of smoking on health, including cancer
  • the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes
  • nicotine addiction
  • the law around smoking and selling tobacco to young people
  • myth busting about smoking and stress and weight loss

There is also space for young people to talk about their worries:

  • Why young people smoke
  • Parents or grandparents who smoke
  • The effect of smoking on pets

Outside the classroom, they also tell pupils about their confidential telephone and text support services.

  • Telephone support – Debbie Coleman on 0789 906 3655 or Bianca Askew-Gallipoli on 0785 536 4534.
  • Text service – 07860 020030

There is also support from national bodies: