• Healthy workplace alliance

    Information for the BID businesses

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  • Active Workplaces

    Healthy employees are productive employees. Are you making the most of your resources?

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  • Workplace Mental Health

    When stress exceeds the ability to cope, it stops being helpful and can affect performance

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  • Carers in the Workplace

    Remaining at work is vital for people in a caring role

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  • Corporate Volunteering

    Corporate citizens have a wealth of time, talent and skill of value to the local community

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  • liftshare for business

    Car sharing is green travel and reduces pollution, congestion and corporate parking costs

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  • Workplace Health Assessment

    Use your own HR data to plan investment in staff health and wellbeing for employee retention, production and reduced absence

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  • Parents in the Workplace

    Sharing leave following the birth or adoption of their child

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